Mining sector in South & East Europe has great importance for national economy. Surface and underground exploitation of coal, with dominant lignite coal explotation, has great important for energy sector in South & East Europe but also for energy stability of the country which gets its 70% of electricity from coal. Exploitation of ore and precious minerals, copper-Zink and others has its own importance for national economy. However both sub sectors are big pollutants of environment.

Outdated exploitation equipment which level of operation time was neglected and without modernization cycles, lack of efficient and modern environment protection processes but also lack of recultivation of old open pits are influencing the level of quality of life of all neighboring local communities.

EMWC SEE has the goal to monitor the work of all actors in this sector, all pollutants, control and report all stakeholders and interested parties ( local communities) but also to cooperate with this same actors and influence the increase of public awareness on the importance of clean environmental friendly mining exploration. Transfer of knowledge and education, thru mechanism of transparent communication and public interest will influence that this important sector reaches all known accepted environmental programs standards in EU.