The awareness level on importance of environment protection which influences the quality of life of all citizens in South & East Europe is quite low. Due to the economical crisis and all other previous challenges, which troubled South & East Europe economy actors, the level of environment protection control is quite undeveloped.

Due to the EU integration process the reform of legal system and policies for environment protection is being initiated but still not sufficiently developed. System of control of pollution is also undeveloped due to the lack of necessary resources of the institutional actors.

Activities of EMWC SEE, based on this facts and lack of resources, are focused on the questions of environment protection improvement and its importance for quality of life of all citizens of Serbia. In the same influencing the improvement of control systems which is undeveloped. Our role is critical monitoring and reporting on the activities of all industrial pollutants and transparent communication and cooperation with all interested parties. Cooperation with control system actors which are within the state institutional framework but also cooperation with industrial actors thru the mechanism of monitoring and report of their work.