About us

EMWC SEE, Energy Mining Watch Center South & East Europe, is an non governmental organization which goal is the monitoring and improvement of environmental protection systems in key industrial sectors of energy and mining.


EMWC SEE is currently managing the project “Monitoring of Energy & Mining companies in South & East Europe” which covers the monitoring, analysis and reporting on the industrial polluters from these two sectors. Analysis includes the general overview of EU Energy Community and Environment obligations which these companies are obliged to follow and implement.


EMWC SEE with all its projects aims to educate all relevant stakeholders in South & East Europe industry sectors.

Stakeholder landscape includes direct engaged actors operating and in charge of the companies work but also all other relevant interested parties which are under the influence of the presence or lack of strict environmental policy frameworks which the companies are obliged to follow.

Constructive monitoring, analysis and transparent reporting on the work of industrial pollutants in South & East Europe and raising of public awareness on the importance of environment protection system improvement are key drivers of our work.
Transfer of best practices and lessons learned from other EU countries, active engagement as interested party in current EU process harmonization in environment policy arena is our key pillar of work.

EMWC SEE, Energy Mining Watch Center South & East Europe


Energy sector in South & East Europe is one of the most important industrial development generators. In the same time this industry sector is one of the biggest pollutants of environment.


The awareness level on importance of environment protection which influences the quality of life of all citizens in South & East Europe is quite low. Due to the economical crisis and all other previous challenges, which troubled South & East Europe economy actors, the level of environment protection control is quite undeveloped.


Mining sector in South & East Europe has great importance for national economy. Surface and underground exploitation of coal, with dominant lignite coal explotation, has great important for energy sector in South & East Europe but also for energy stability of the country which gets its 70% of electricity from coal.